Grace M. Smith Artworks

Grace M. Smith Artworks

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The Colour Of Water

Using watercolour seems to put me in a meditative state but there's no guarantee that what's produced is going to evoke that same state - one of calmness and serenity.

7" x 11" watercolour on paper

9" x 12" watercolour and ink on paper

There's a definite contrast between the first two images here. The colours are more diluted in the first arrangement while heavier set in the second. The effect of black blotches in the second drawing also creates a feeling of uneasiness and frenetic energy.

15" x 21" watercolour, ink and charcoal on paper

8" x 11" watercolour and charcoal on paper

However, I do feel calm when looking at these two. The brush went on lightly and the colours are intentional. These were painted, what feels like, a very long time ago and indeed they were - ~1995. I feel the fluidity of the lines and there aren't any real restrictions. I like the effect produced by adding white chalk/pastel to the surface in the first drawing and black chalk to the second. 

9" x 12" watercolour, ink on charcoal and pastel coloured paper with a subtle laid finish

Black ink helps to reinforce the overall depth of each piece. Purple, in general, always feels quite deep and mystical to me and along with the red, and shades of blue, it all comes together nicely. The black ink here cements this sense of unison. I enjoy the balance between the light and the dark...

I include additional abstract watercolour paintings below.

11" x 14" watercolour, ink on charcoal and pastel paper

11" x 14" watercolour, ink on charcoal and pastel paper

8" x 11"

7" x 11"

7" x 11"

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