Grace M. Smith Artworks

Grace M. Smith Artworks

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Anxiety - Part 2


18" x 24" soft pastel on premium recycled paper

18" x 24" soft pastel on premium recycled paper

18" x 24" soft pastel on premium recycled paper

I drew these during my anxiety phase - see "Anxiety" post. A few years before that, I discovered my love of soft pastels. The freedom using this medium is extraordinary. I found myself using my fingers to blend and then blend some more. I enjoy drawing the human body, specifically focusing on the skin and tone. 

I thought, why not draw some mermaids? I thought of my love of water as a purifying element. It evokes themes of spirituality and serenity, but also of depth and mystery.

Anxiety made me feel helpless, distorted and ugly. These drawings are my attempt at finding strength and being able to see beauty during difficult times.

The first drawing was also a part of the 5th Aeclectic Tarot Forum's Collaboration deck. She represents courage and I must say, she's a bit hard core. She's got upper body vitality and I made sure to give her a strong jaw line, making her less 'soft' in order to project this kind of 'don't mess with me' attitude.

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