Grace M. Smith Artworks

Grace M. Smith Artworks

Mission Statement

Maybe it was due to the pandemic or an overall sense of dread, doom and gloom in the air, that prompted me to archive some of my work. I can't really describe the feeling that took over when I finally, and with great haste, decided to put my work together, take pics, build a website and display my work. And all of it was completed in a matter of a few short weeks. 

Now the goal is to keep creating, to add new pieces and to work with specific themes. We've heard it be said time and time again, how life is too short. But maybe that's not it. When I think of all the time I frittered away over what seems like nothing now, all the pieces I could have created, I could have explored...feels somewhat disappointing and deflating.

I was too busy getting things 'right', too busy walking the line, getting caught up in others' never dawned on me that I could pick up a pencil or a brush and just draw...just paint...It didn't occur to me that I could explore a feeling or a thought. I realized later that the end piece didn't have to make sense. It didn't have to be pleasing to the eye. It didn't have to be pleasing to the other. 

The competitive spirit of this world does not reside in me. But, a need to please did from a very young age. Of course, I want to produce a work of art that speaks to the other the way it does to me. And if it touches one person, I'm glad. 

As I've grown older, the perspective has shifted. The work I create is a need to express and reflect what feels unresolved. It's to give a voice to that which remains voiceless. You know...those thoughts you have at night that you don't share with anyone...or feelings that wash over you that you never put down in words...because you either think it's pointless or don't know how. You see, I feel that who and what I am is not what I show the world, it's in the silent spaces between the roles I play in my life. My aim is to give those spaces a safe place to

Having said all that, while I wish to express myself through abstract forms, I also feel a need to build on skill and technique by creating realistic art (ie: portraits). I love how these worlds can exist, simultaneously. There's a strong desire to reflect what IS, exactly as it is in front of me and a desire to reflect what IS, exactly as it is within me. The mingling of colours and lines to create an assortment of shapes that echo a moment in time, is truly a miraculous process.

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